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Website Design and UX Trends to Build Business in 2017

If you’re looking to have your website traffic build your business in 2017, then you want to make sure that your site is set up to provide maximum conversions.

Conversions are different for every business. You might want to gather email addresses for further marketing. Or you might be making direct sales. Whatever you’re after, it’s important that people click on your call-to-action button. Your website design and user experience is all-important for driving conversions.

Trends to help your business

What web design trends do we see for 2017 that could help your business? The Deep End Web Consulting does a good job of explaining them on this infographic.

You’ll see that the trends cover the gamut from visual appearance to functionality and strategy. But most important, the infographic explains the reason each tactic aids conversion.

UX boosts conversions

It’s a fact that great user experience enhances conversions. Using a skeleton screen to create the illusion of speed and loading up a landing page with everything your customer needs to know before clicking the CTA button are among the trends expected to continue success in the new year.

Using visuals designed to connect with your chosen demographic is also very effective. Add that to a persuasive video featuring people who love your product or service, and you have a robust package.

Engagement bots are another innovation that can work around the clock to answer questions your website visitors might have about your products or services.

Crossover Value

To drive a conversion, you have to catch the visitor’s attention and cinemagraphs — which feature a bit of movement in an otherwise still image — do an excellent job in that regard.

Plus cinemagraphs have crossover value — use them on your website and your Facebook page for maximum ROI.
Check out the infographic for more information.


2017 Web Design Trends to Boost Conversions – An infographic by Web Consultant Agency The Deep End
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