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Top Tweaks For Your Hospitality Website

Your business is your baby and your website is the window looking into your world. Running a small hotel or a B&B means you want to invite as many potential customers into that world as possible. Given that most customers are surfing to find something that appeals to them, you are only one click away or close to making a booking.  How can you create real curiosity that lingers? What are some great ways to give your website real sensual appeal?

Strategic Web Design: 5 Tips to Turn Your Hospitality Website into a Powerful Business Tool

Visuals are a must.

You know that pictures work, and that the look of your web site is all important. As the owner of a small hotel or B&B you’ll appreciate that glimpse through the keyhole is so important. Are you showing yourself off to your best ability?  Do the photographs you have make the most of your best assets?  


What aspects of your homestay or hotel do you want to emphasise?  Is the focus on the weary traveller who wants and needs comfort and rest?  Perhaps the type of guest you want to attract attaches real importance to being able to throw open the curtains and sit on the balcony. Have a think about how your best aspect can be shown. Consider lighting, colours and that all important comfort factor.

Your link to the region.

This will be a major factor in making the decision to stay with you. Whether it is the town or the country, a region or a city, have a rethink about how it’s attractions can be linked to your business. This is all about knowing your market and approaching it in a professional way. Companies like Eviivo are an excellent way of helping you build websites and connect with your businesses needs.

Incorporate your local attractions into your marketing.  The sky is literally the limit with lateral connections that work both ways. In many ways your surroundings are a part of your business and should be marketed as such.

Your guest’s needs

Each guest will have their requirements. These will range from wining and dining to the activities and the facilities you offer. We all like to imagine our best experiences. We love to see ourselves indulging in a hot tub or spa, or eating a sumptuous meal, or perhaps whizzing down a mountain bike track.  

Whatever it is there are great visuals that will help spark that ideal experience. Letting a potential guest know that they can connect with these activities is a good idea.  Even if you are unable to offer the experience, you will know how your guests can and you know a man who does!  Ordering a massage, for example, can be a hit and miss affair in a strange place.  If you can recommend or provide that service, it will make a real difference to your guest’s experience.

Wining and Dining

Will always be a vital part of your guest’s experience.  Being able to offer something local or authentic is a real boost.  This is another area where all the senses of the customers are important. Even reading a recipe or imagining eating a particular meal can stimulate the imagination.  Food is a great source of visual stimulation. A well laid out table for two can provide all the incentive you need to want to be in a dining room ordering a special bottle of wine.

You are in a competitive world, there is no doubt about that.  But you are unique. Make the most of what you offer and display it well. Think laterally about your visuals and your connections and you might find more customers lingering over what you can offer.

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