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Tech Trends 2016 #Infographic

The rapid advances in technology are what is fueling innovation, economic growth, as well as shaping our modern-day lives. We are becoming increasingly influenced by the availability of information, as well as the interconnectivity between mobile devices, smart machines, and architectural platforms. Consider the Internet of Things, smart devices, and virtual reality, amongst other innovative trends. The list of Tech Trends 2016 is growing longer by the minute. Let us look at a few of these trends:


tech-trends-2016-iNFOGRAPHIC3D Printers and printing materials

Continued advances in 3D printers and printing technology have increased their practical applications into the medical, energy, military and aerospace fields. Printers can now manufacture parts for these industries using nickel alloys, glass, carbon fiber, pharmaceutical materials, and electronics.

Advanced Machine Learning

As a result of advanced machine learning, smart machines appear to be more “intelligent” than before. It is becoming easier for smart machines to learn new behaviors based on past experiences.

Mesh Applications and Service Architecture

Developments in mesh applications and service architecture technologies are what enable the delivery of apps and services to the modern day digital mesh. They draw many information sources, apps, services, and devices together into a single architecture, which in turn produces the possibility of a digitally connected world.

Internet of Things

The basic idea behind the Internet of Things is that all devices are connected to each other and controlled from a single point. This concept exists as a direct result of the digital mesh and service architecture developments.

Adaptive Security Architecture

The complexities of our modern digital business world combined with the increase in security threats require advances in technology as well as informed decision makers to form a joint effort in combating cyber terrorism and more advanced hackers.

Improved User Experiences

It is becoming increasingly important to provide users of modern digital devices with a continuous and ambient experience. Think of technologies such as virtual reality, which aim to enhance our experience when playing computer, games as well as watching movies. Our need to experience digital environments in full is driving these technologies forward.
The ultimate goal of our modern age is a digitally connected world as the Tech Trends 2016 show. As a result technology platforms and architectures need to evolve to meet our modern day requirements.

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