Super Bowl 50 Could Be A Record Year for Digital Ad Impressions

On February 7, San Francisco will host the 50th Super Bowl game, but viewership of the game is taking place on more channels than the traditional TV, namely digital live stream on mobile and desktop. This week we share results from the 2016 AFC Championship game ahead of what could be a record year for digital ad impressions during game time coverage. We also have insights into Facebook quarterly earnings and the conversation Millennials are having about their finances on the platform.

According to Variety Media, the AFC Championship game between the Broncos and the New England Patriots attracted more than 1.2 million unique viewers who watched a combined total of 89 million minutes of game coverage across mobile, tablet, laptop, connected TV, and desktop. This is significant growth since last year’s game and foreshadows the all-time high digital live streaming that is likely to occur for the upcoming super bowl. More digital viewership gives you the opportunity to reach your Super Bowl audience across multiple devices. To improve the effectiveness of your ads you can pair your TV ad spot with digital ads across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the Facebook Audience network.


AdsInsightsImage2-Facebook-2016Now that you know what to expect for next week so you can plan your campaigns accordingly, let’s recap last week when Facebook announced its Q4 and full 2015 earnings. Facebook’s global advertising revenue reached $5.6 billion and each region experienced growth quarter-over-quarter: 64.5% in the U.S. and Canada, 44.9% in Europe, and 56.7% in Asia Pacific. Video on Facebook is becoming more popular with 100 million hours of video watched on the platform every day. Users that access the platform each month only on mobile was up 13.2 percent since last quarter and up 56.5 percent since the end of Q4 last year, reaching a total of 823 million users as Facebook becomes a mobile-first platform.


In addition to its sheer size, Facebook is a place where many conversations take place across all generations. Data from Facebook shows that the Millennial generation make up 40% of all conversations about financial matters each month which generates nearly 6.5 million engagements. In the Facebook study, respondents indicated they are most concerned with paying off debt (43%) and saving for the future (38%). It’s clear that Millennials do care about their financial stability, with investments garnering the highest average engagement per post. Show them you understand and care about their needs by personalizing your ads and providing  a customer experience that supports them in their financial endeavors.

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