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The Top 10 Best SEO Tools and Resources in 2016

There is a constant struggle to boost your business through trying to reach a high position on Search Engines. When doing SEO, you need time to look for keywords based on your web content and make sure your content is relevant to the search engines.

To help you make the most of your SEO efforts,  we have put together a list of the ten best SEO tools and resources to help your online business reputation. Through this article, you will find three helpful resources and seven amazing SEO tools.

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20 Amazing Google Chrome Extension For SEO

Hello reader, this is the age of digital marketing. Everyone working on the internet. There are several browsers available in the market. I had used many browsers such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. But I think chrome is the best. There are many users in the world who is using google chrome as a default browser. As chrome is best, fast, light & secure browser.

20 Ways You Can boost your traffic using Google Chrome Extension for SEO

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12 Of The Best SEO Keyword Research Tools

Selecting the right keywords is the foundation of your Search Engine Optimization campaign. A website with great appearance and unique content is a bad investment unless it ranks high on Google SERPs. And it is the rightly chosen keywords that will help your website in scoring higher ranks in the search results.

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Google Officially Launches The New Search Analytics Report In Webmaster Tools

After months of testing, Google has released the new Search Analytics report within Google Webmaster Tools – take it for a deep dive.

If you manage a website, you need a deep understanding of how users find your site and how your content appears on Google’s search results. Until now, this data was shown in the Search Queries report, probably the most used feature in Webmaster Tools. Over the years, we’ve been listening to your feedback and features requests. How many of you wished they could compare traffic on desktop and mobile? How many of you needed to compare metrics in different countries? or in two different time frames?

We’ve heard you! Today, we’re very happy to announce Search Analytics, the new report in Google Webmaster Tools that will allow you to make the most out of your traffic analysis.
The new Search Analytics report enables you to break down your site’s search data and filter it in many different ways in order to analyze it more precisely. For instance, you can now compare your mobile traffic before and after the April 21st Mobile update, to see how it affected your traffic.


You can now access the tool within Google Webmaster Tools over here. There are some differences between Search Analytics and Search Queries. Data in the Search Analytics report is much more accurate than data in the older Search Queries report, and it is calculated differently. To learn more read out Search Analytics Help Center article’s section about data. Because we understand that some of you will still need to use the old report, we’ve decided to leave it available in Google Webmaster Tools for three additional months.

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Free Google Tools for Marketers

Whether you love Google or love to hate Google, you have to admit one thing. Google offers a lot of free google tools to use with the convenience of being able to access them with one login.

Marketers in particular should take advantage of these google tools to get more out of their search engine and social media marketing experience. The following are some of the top Google tools marketers should embrace from A to (almost) Z!

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