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AdWords, Google’s Search Cash Cow, Is 15 Years Old.

Google AdWords Turns 15: A Look Back At The Origins Of A $60 Billion Business

AdWords launched with 350 advertisers in 2000. Today, more than 1 million advertisers generate tens of billions in revenue for the company.

AdWords, a funky auction system for selling Internet ads that transformed a scrappy search engine called Google into a $400 billion-plus behemoth, is 15 years old. Happy birthday, AdWords! Many people in Silicon Valley are grateful that you exist.

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Google’s 100 Most Expensive Keywords in 2015

Google is a colossus of modern advertising. In the first half of 2015, the search engine colossus raked in nearly $35 billion in Q1 and Q2. According to their data tables, that’s about an 11% increase in revenue year over year. Google’s AdWords system is the company’s cash cow, which funnels billions of dollars from advertisers as search engine users click on ads for different keywords.

Google has billions of keywords at their disposal. But not all keywords are created equally, and costs per click can wildly vary from a handful of pennies to hundreds of dollars. So which ones are the most expensive?

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The Complete Guide to AdWords Ad Extensions [Infographic]

If you’re looking to boost your paid ads’ search performance, look no further. Ad extensions are powerful features that allow you to display additional information within your AdWords ads at no extra cost. Yet only a minority of advertisers are using them.

AdWords ad extensions will help you boost CTR (click-through rates) by up to 30% according to Google, increasing conversions and decreasing CPC (Cost Per Click).

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Top 21 Tools in PPC Industry

We all need some tool to work with, Be it the sickle for the farmer or the hammer for the blacksmith or the stethoscope for the doctors or the computer for IT professionals, we can’t perform well without tools.

PPC industry is no exception either. One can argue that PPC can be handled using Google Adwords or Bind Ads online interface but that will not help them to be as effective as they might want.

We had a chat with a few prominent PPC experts to share the tools they use on daily basis. They all were more than happy to share and we thank them for that. We have listed 27 such tools which they highly recommended. Google is ruling here as well. As many as nine out of these 27 tools are from Google alone.

1. Ad Words Editor

AdWords Editor is a free, downloadable Google application for managing large AdWords accounts efficiently. Download your campaigns, make changes with powerful editing tools, then upload the changes to AdWords.


Veterans might remember life before Ad words Editor. It wasn’t great. We were running our own PPC campaign that time and we had a fresh writer to prepare the Ad copies for us. Manually doing was so difficult that the PPC executive couldn’t do it by herself. When Ad words Editor came and we could do bulk modification, the load reduced greatly. There are many experts who suggested Ad words with a comment like “this is the only essential element” of PPC industry.

2. Google Analytics

The Google Ad words, and the Bing Online Ads for that matter as well, can only take you that far. They don’t tell you how the ad is performing. Google Analytics can tell you page visits, visit duration, bounce rate and many other in-depth things which will help you to know how your ads are performing and how you need to tweak them for even better performance.


Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered byGoogle that tracks and reports website traffic. Google launched the service in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin. Google Analytics is now the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet.

3. Ad Words Scripts

This is a new thing to have but this is quickly becoming a must-have. You can use these scripts for reporting, client reporting and daily stats and many other things. AdWords Scripts are powerful lines of code that essentially speak to your AdWords account to edit almost any element within your account, create new ones, and even automate AdWords reports for you. The scripts go far beyond automated rules, in that they can make changes to your account based on multiple parameters and can even use external data to customize your AdWords.

4. Google Plugin for Eclipse

You can use this as an advanced user of Ad words and develop your own scripts for Google Ad words for custom reporting.

5. Google Documents

We are in love with Google Docs, aren’t we? We always use this for internal use and also client side communication. It is possible to share these docs with as many users as you want and all of them can easily edit the documents as well. This is not possible with Microsoft office.

6. Google Drive

Google Drive is great for creating and sorting files and Google Docs. Pretty obvious, isn’t it?

7. FTP for Google Merchant accounts

If you are a big merchant, you surely wouldn’t want to update your products listing manually, will you? Especially if you have thousands of products, that’s too tiring a job. Use FTP to upload the merchant feed.

8. Google Suggest

Google Suggest is a nice way to go for keyword searching, sorting and selection. There is hardly any better tool to get this done.

9. Bing Ads Editor

This might not be as popular as Google Adwords, but it has its own followers. Bing Ads Editor might not be as great or efficient as Google Adwords but it is the equivalent of Google Adwords when you are using Bing Ads.

10. Bing Ads Intelligence

This is an Excel sheet plugin for keyword research. It shows the search volume, provide all the demographic data at one place and create ad groups with a few clicks on the same sheet.

11. Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Ads Campaign is the most popular social media ad campaign. If you are running more than one campaign, it starts to get really difficult. This is why Facebook Power Editor is your choice. This is almost like Google Ad words for Facebook. It can do pretty much all the work including audience creating, tweak the targeting and also maintain the images you might want to use for all your campaigns.

Facebook has introduced a powerful tool for managing online advertising campaigns that is being heralded as a major advancement in targeted marketing.


If you are using social media-based ads to reach potential renters for your multifamily property, the Facebook Power Editor could change and enhance the campaigns you create. It allows you to create and manage multiple advertising efforts at once, which means you can parse your ad budget according to the markets you most wish to reach.

Placement of the ads within Facebook is a major added feature offered by the Power Editor, which will allow you to select where you want your ads to show up.

12. Excel

If your computer has MS Office, Open Office, Libre Office or any other office suite, you must be having this chart making software, which is often known by the name popularised by Microsoft, Excel. As we all are using this or that office software, we are optimally utilising this software for sure.

13. Excellent Analytics Plugin for Excel

This plugin helps you to fetch Google Analytics data directly into Excel and make the reporting easier, especially to your clients. This is very helpful for clients who are not very IT savvy.

14. Statistical Significance Spreadsheet

This is a very underused way of tracking ad copies although this is very simple in its approach. The streamlined approach also makes it easy to test your landing page.

15. Analysis ToolPak for Excel

If you are into hypothesis testing, you can easily go for this free Excel plugin called ToolPak to add check the hypotheses.

16. Uber Suggestubber-suggest-keywords-tools

Uber Suggest is what we are using for a long time to get keyword ideas. This is perhaps the best tool in its niche. Even for offpage works, the keyword ideas work great.

SERPs Suggest is a free keyword suggestion tool similar to Ubersuggest to research keywords to target for SEO, PPC and more. Get keyword ideas from Google Suggest, Bing Suggest, YouTube & Yahoo along with estimated keyword volumes and cost per click data.

17. Keyword Wrapper

I am a fan of all match type of ads in keywords and this tool is very easy to use as well as pretty efficient and quick in making list of all match type of keywords for Ad words.

18. Phrase Builder

Once you put a few words, you can get real mashed up keywords as the output. This is a lazy tool as this will allow your brain to relax while doing the creative thinking for you.

19. Soovle

This is a search engine which performs its search on sites like YouTube, Amazon and Answers, apart from the regular search engine results. This tool can actually give you nice ideas about the keywords again.

20. Convertable

Want to track your lead generation efforts for free? Although this tool is in beta, this is completely free which makes it a worthy competitor of Salesforce.

21. SplitTester

SplitTester is very popular with Multivariate testing enthusiast. This is perhaps the best free and online too for statistical significance tester. You can check the clicks and CTR for two different variations of the same ad and see which will be more effective and what will be the level of significance.

A Few More PPC Tools

Several experts said there are different tools which we don’t use specifically for PPC campaigns are needed for PPC success as well. Some experts pointed out Microsoft outlook and Spotify which are favoured by many PPC users.

Finally, these things, which are not really ‘tools’ but these are a few things which cant be ignored by any PPC expert. Personal experience, People/Human Resource and own imagination/creation are things needed else no tool can really make the PPC campaign a success.

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28 Tips For AdWords Beginners [Infographic]

Are you interested in starting an AdWords PPC account but been a little hesitant to set it up on your own? In this month’s series, we will walk you through the basics of setting up an account, from keyword research all the way to activating your first campaigns. Before you get started though there are a few questions you should ask yourself to make sure you are ready to create your own AdWords account:

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