Speaking of the digital lives of Millennials, social networks have become an extraordinary part. That’s because social networks nowadays are being used as more than just a way of connecting with others and sharing your personal matters.

People now are looking for various ways to expand their control over the social media. They want to manage their time well and they want to see an improved quality of the interface they use.

If you think that social networks comprises of the teenagers only, then you need to read this piece of writing as it is going to change your thinking.

  • 90 percent of Americans between the age of 18 and 20 spend their time online.
  • 77 percent of Americans between the age of 30 and 49 are found busy with public advertising.
  • 51 percent of the Americans between the age of 50 and 64 socialize on the social networks.
  • 35 percent of the Americans having the age 65 and beyond are there on the social networks too.

It has been observed that 33% of the users log in at the day time for interpersonal media while only 24% log in during the evening hours for the same purpose.

Do Millennials Have Privacy Concerns?

Yes! Of course, they do. 29% of the Millennials have dismissed Facebook due to security reasons. They find the privacy rules disturbing. Among these people, females are the ones who have a dominating concern because they are the ones who talk about their photos as compared to males who use social media for cultural aggression mostly. It is not just Facebook, they have abandoned Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat for the same reasons.

What Devices Do They Use?

There is no boundary to that. They are widely using smartphones, then desktops and tablets. The most convenient devices are the smartphones as they are easily taken everywhere.

What Are They Interested In?

Millennials are not just interested in entertainment or connecting with friends. They have a whole world of opportunities to look for on the social network now. Whether it is news, weather, food, travel, sports, education, business, gaming, health, science, hobbies or career everything is on social networks now.

It won’t be wrong to say that if you have an account on even a single social network site, consider yourself to be connected with the latest trends of the worlds. It’s like a one-stop shop for everything!

What Is Their Attitude Towards Brand and Advertising?

Most of the millennials trust the recommendations of their family and friends. They don’t fall for the claims of the brands in the first go.

Some of them are now even willing to promote products on social media to get rewards. They are eagerly interested in participating in the reward programs too.

Different people have different preferences. Some prefer socializing on Twitter while others still have love and loyalty for Facebook. There are many other social networks that are making their spot.

Check out the infographics below to get a thorough picture of what millennials on social media do:


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