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Link Quality for Link Building Explained

This article will explain the importance of link quality, and its application to link building. Everyone may have a different understanding of what “quality” is on terms of links, but essentially that is your decision entirely. If you have an existing site, that you need to build links for, use this as a reference check list to ensure that you are link building properly. I am going to review the key 6 areas.

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Link Building Off Page Optimization

Detailed Guide: Off Page SEO Factors [Infographic]

Search engine optimization has taken a new shape in recent years with completely different off page SEO factors. As the traditional link building techniques of the past become obsolete, the focus has shifted dramatically to link earning.

If your head is starting to spin, below is an easy-to-understand infographic created by Shane Barker to better explain. This infographic was designed to help you find the best possible off page SEO factors that can save your site from future spam updates and boost your website’s search engine rankings. Please don’t forget to like it and share it with love if you enjoy!

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Link Building

The Importance of Getting Inbound Links

Have you seen a site without links? There will not be a site without links. If a site does not have a links pointed to it we can say that site is almost a dead site. If we do not have out bound links it wont matter but we should have inbound links. Even a site with best content isn’t worth much when there are no inbound links to it.

What is Inbound Links?

An inbound link is a hyperlink back to your site from another Web site. The one constant and reliable strategy in search engine optimization is that sites with a variety of high quality backlinks rank higher in the search engine results pages.
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