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Everything you want to know about PokemonGo #Infographic

A record-breaking tens of millions downloads of Pokemon GO within the first few days after its launch. News and publishing sites are scrounging to get the full story regarding the chaos. Children and adults worldwide are running wildly through the streets. It is surprising how Pokemon, a well-known anime, and game title of yesteryears, has again infiltrated almost every part of our lives today.

Pokemon GO is a revolutionary game for smartphones; that combines gaming and mapping technology. Today’s Pokemon GO connects the virtual world with the reality. To play, users do not just sit still and swipe their screens. They must explore locations in the real world to catch Pokemon, hatch them, train them and battle them.

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Why Startups Fail: 56 Reasons Your Business Won’t Get Off The Ground

So you’re starting a new business, you have big dreams of success, but are you prepared for all the world of business is going to throw at you?

The rewards of running your own business are clear for most to see. There’s the pot of gold at the end of it if you do things right, the work / life balance you’ve always dreamed of, but perhaps more importantly, being able to control your own destiny.

Not everyone can be born with a silver spoon in their mouth, but you can sure climb your way up through the money ladder if you do things the right way. There are almost endless ways to generate a truckload of money but one ……… stop working for others.

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30 Inspirational Quotes from Fictional Teachers & Mentors

Who is your favorite fictional teacher or mentor? Are you in awe of Albus Dumbledore’s resounding wisdom, or are you more captivated by Mary Poppin’s gleeful whimsy about life? How about Ms. Fizzle’s silly but fun advice on making a productive mess?

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Tech Trends 2016 #Infographic

The rapid advances in technology are what is fueling innovation, economic growth, as well as shaping our modern-day lives. We are becoming increasingly influenced by the availability of information, as well as the interconnectivity between mobile devices, smart machines, and architectural platforms. Consider the Internet of Things, smart devices, and virtual reality, amongst other innovative trends. The list of Tech Trends 2016 is growing longer by the minute. Let us look at a few of these trends:

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Entrepreneurship Infographics

How to Work Fewer Hours & Earn More Money [Infographic]

While working long hours may prove that you are a diligent and committed employee, many companies are now finding that working fewer hours can be more advantageous and promote workplace efficiency. This infographic by WhoIsHosting This shows ‘how to work fewer hours and earn more money’. It also includes the testimonies of founders of companies that have adopted the idea of a shorter work week.
Do you know people who claim to work 80 hours a week? They’re almost certainly lying – or exaggerating – or just deluded.
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Tips and Tools for Creating Awesome #Infographics

Infographics have been around for ages but in recent years they’ve really come into the spotlight as an almost irresistible way to communicate complex scenarios and information. We can’t help it, when we see a link for an infographic, we almost have to check it out!

These days infographics can be found on all kinds of sites, from news portals to simple blogs. Whether you are selling something, or just blogging about everyday stuff, having an infographic on your blog every now and then will only bring you benefits. Yes, it might take some time and certain skills to create an outstanding and useful infographic, but oh, it is worth it. Scroll down for the infographic, or click on the image below!

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