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Infographic: 23 Quick and Easy LinkedIn Updates to Get Hired Now!

Are you on LinkedIn? If you are, then here is a question for you-are you making the most of this network? It turns that many people aren’t simply aware of how they can increase the chances of getting hired by an employer using this social network. YES, it can REALLY increase the chances of getting hired!!

Of course, we all want to keep our personal information private but too much privacy may be blocking the job opportunities that you could have availed just like that. Have you ever thought about it? If an employer is looking for a tech person and he does a quick google search about a person he happens to find but his Facebook profile information is private and he gets no authentic information about him, then he is likely to look for another applicant.

In this competitive world with so much presence of people on the social networks, you are certainly missing opportunities by not working on building and optimizing your social media profiles. You shouldn’t be discounting the value of LinkedIn my friend. The positive thing about this social network is that it is quite easy to establish a nice profile and all employers value it. If you don’t believe it, then just explore the job openings at your LinkedIn dashboard right now. You can actually apply to all those through your LinkedIn profile directly.

If you had shunned your LinkedIn profile from a long time, then we insist you to log in again and make the most out of the LinkedIn updates. We have explained a few of them below:

  • Have a professional profile photo. It shouldn’t be like those which you use on other social networking sites. You have to depict that you are a responsible person.
  • All the basic information at your profile should be up to date. Your name, address, and experience details should be accurate.
  • Do a little extra work on your work history. Every job should have a summary. If possible add photos, videos and convey everything like a story. It would be great if you include links to your previous work. That will help in building rapport. You can actually impress the employer with your work. It is great to have recommendations from your colleagues. That’s another key of building profile. However, make sure that you cut all those recommendations that might make you look bad.
  • Don’t forget to tailor your privacy. Yes you have to keep some information public so that employers can find you but don’t be too easy, especially if you are hunting for a job and you are currently employed.
  • A profile that does not have enough connections is not really going to make much difference. So, you have to have enough connections. It does not really matter if you don’t know those people. It’s just part of a strategy to show that you have an active and impressive LinkedIn profile.

There is a lot more that you can do to update your LinkedIn profile and increase the chances of getting hired. Have a look at the infographic below to learn 23 best way:

23 Quick LinkedIn Tweaks to Make Your Profile Shine [Infographic]

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