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Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking Must-Haves: Free Digital Marketing Tools [Infographic]

You can’t hang a picture without a nail and hammer, and you can’t be a top-notch marketer without some handy tools at your disposal.

It’s important to always be on the lookout for the next big way to be more productive and efficient; tactics or tools that will save you time and sanity.

Unfortunately, sometimes, those tools just aren’t in the budget, but have no fear!

There are plenty of free digital marketing tools out there that will do the trick. Thankfully, FloraPang took the time and created an infographic from a list of their favorite, top-notch tool alternatives for your quick reference!

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Growth Hacking

Infographic: 5 Growth Hacks Every Blogger Should Know

Wikipedia defines “growth hacking” as “a marketing technique developed by technology startups which use creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure.”

When your product is your content, applying growth hacks to it makes perfect sense. If there’s anything you want for your content, it’s exposure.

This technique has been gaining a lot of attention lately, because it works! If you want to grow your audience and make your site more popular, you should definitely consider growth hacking!

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Growth Hacking

What Is A Growth Hacker? #MarketingInfographic

A Growth Hacker, is something like a super-mutant of the internet marketing era. He is balancing between marketing and engineering, extracting elements from both worlds, always aiming at achieving his ultimate and only goal: Growth!
Trying to define the Growth Hacker, is a hell more difficult than you might think it is (and I thought too), as there is no standard formula of success to use and every product needs a different approach as it comes to its growth. A war takes place in the internet business field, and Growth Hackers are called to choose what their role in every battle should be in order to win.
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Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking Strategies To Get People To Your Website – #Infographic

Growth hacking is one of the favorite buzz phrases of tech startups these days. Many of us have already heard about how growth hacking is essential for startup businesses to embrace and apply to acquire users. But there’s nothing magical about it.
Read on to learn how you can use some of the growth hacking strategies employed by several social media and tech companies (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.) in the early stages of their launch to grow your user base.
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Growth Hacking

12 Proven Growth Hacking Techniques to Quickly Grow Your Business

Growth hacking is a sorely misunderstood topic…

To some, the phrase “growth hacking” might seem like the latest buzzword for “marketing.”

But growth hacking requires absolute focus on a specific goal: grow as quickly as possible.

Of course marketers care about growth too, but not to the same extent as a growth hacker. 

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