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Complete Google Analytics Guide for Content Marketers

For monitoring the performance and the progress of a website, Google Analytics is an excellent tool for the developers. Webmasters all around the world are using Google Analytics to avail the features for their online business.

Google Analytics makes it easy to check the number of visitors that visited your site daily. Most importantly, it shows the location of those visitors too. There is much more in Google Analytics than able to know the number of visitors. It is extremely beneficial for the content marketers. Here you will know what else it offers to the content marketers. The content marketers not just read the content but they also read the Google Analytics numbers and make decisions accordingly to improve the marketing status.

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Comprehensive guide to set up Google Analytics for Beginners

“In God we trust; all others must bring data” – W. Edwards Deming

For any online venture, data is precious. It can give you insights which can turn fortunes for your business and break a lot of myths for you. Companies keep on wasting money on marketing, shuffling between agencies, hiring and firing them when they don’t deliver results. They neglect the fact that a simple answer might have been residing in the data.

We have seen many of our clients who have been into e-commerce for more than two years and realized that although they have integrated the Google Analytics (GA) at basic level, but there is lot more that should have been done and is not done for the lack of knowledge of the same. Google Analytics if used properly, is quite powerful, but very few leverage its true potential.

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