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Facebook SEO: Why Is Content So Important For Page Popularity?

Most website owners know the importance of search engine optimisation. Many will even know about the various components that make up a search engine “friendly” web page. For example, relevant content, an easy navigation system and a responsive site design.

What few people realise is that the content you put on your Facebook page should also get the SEO treatment. Most of us assume that the social media site doesn’t need to have any search engine optimisation. After all; everyone knows about Facebook, right?

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Facebook Marketing

12 Secret Facebook Features for Marketers in 2016

Do you ever feel like Facebook is changing so fast it’s hard to keep up with it all?

More than than a billion people use Facebook daily. Yes, I know… that includes you. 🙂

But did you know there’s a bunch of secret Facebook features you’re probably missing out on?

Don’t worry, even the top Facebook marketers feel that way sometimes — especially as Facebook continues to make it harder for marketers to get the results they want.

Facebook moves at a super fast pace, and if you stop for even a moment, it’s easy to fall behind.

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Facebook Marketing Is Still Working Infographic

Facebook Marketing is still a favorite for social media marketers, but is it worth it? Many have proclaimed the death of Facebook marketing, due to consistently poor or even negative returns on investment.

Though not all Facebook marketing campaigns are wasted – many businesses have built a strong upward growth curve exclusively from Facebook – it pays to look at Facebook as a marketing tool and compare it to other options. Don’t just use Facebook because “it’s the thing to do.”

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