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A record-breaking tens of millions downloads of Pokemon GO within the first few days after its launch. News and publishing sites are scrounging to get the full story regarding the chaos. Children and adults worldwide are running wildly through the streets. It is surprising how Pokemon, a well-known anime, and game title of yesteryears, has again infiltrated almost every part of our lives today.

Pokemon GO is a revolutionary game for smartphones; that combines gaming and mapping technology. Today’s Pokemon GO connects the virtual world with the reality. To play, users do not just sit still and swipe their screens. They must explore locations in the real world to catch Pokemon, hatch them, train them and battle them.

This infographic highlights 16 tips on how to become a Pokemon GO Master:


Pokemon GO Facts

  • In the first version, there were only 151 creatures, but now there are more than 720 of them. But in the game, there are only 151 available.
  • The first game versions were very popular in the 1990s, and in fact, there was a fad referred to as Pokemania.
  • The old versions aren’t real, but technology developed since then and is able to simulate a world where the monsters seem real—it’s what this new game is trying to achieve.
  • By using your location and time, Pokemon Go tries imitating what it would be like if the little monsters are around you all the time, ready to be collected and caught. And because the young fans then are now adults, this amazing game gives them the benefit of instant nostalgia, which actually helped in boosting the game’s popularity.

What PokemonGo Lets You Do

  • Lets you fight for glory and fame
  • Allows you to customize your character’s name and look
  • Guides you with its professor character to get you started with your game and your first pocket monster
  • Lets you navigate in a very new way, unlike in the handheld games in which you can only use a controller in playing
  • Gives you plenty of opportunities in exploring the world and your surroundings (You’ll be picking water types if you are in a lake or river, and bug- or grass- types if you’re in the park or in a grassland)

PokemonGO App Stats

  • 7.5 million downloads
  • 1.6 million revenue daily
  • Includes 150 Pokemon; there are still 570 remaining as of the release of Pokemon X/Y
  • No.1 on the download charts in less than 5 hours after the release, July 6, 2016 and installed in more than 5% of Android device in the US

People Behind It

  • Developer – NIANTIC
  • Publisher- NIANTIC
  • Distributor- The Pokemon Company
  • Composer- Junichi Masuda

PokemonGo App


  • It’s fun.
  • Clearly defined goals and stepwise levels
  • Eases social anxiety
  • Centered around non-threatening theme
  • Encourages walking
  • You’ll notice more things around you


  • You’re still on your phone
  • Makes you more distracted
  • Puts you in a stressed state
  • Makes you less social
  • Exacerbate symptoms in people who have difficulty with separating fantasy and reality

A Little Background

Pokemon was launched by Nintendo in the 1990s and it was very popular. It took the world by storm and people went crazy over it. And then here’s PokemonGo — the most popular in the series ever! It is the pocket monsters biggest hit and entry in the mobile space. Now, it is available for download on iOS and android.

In the simplest terms, it’s a game, which uses a player’s phone clock and GPS in order to detect when and where he/she is in the game. It makes Pokemon appear on your phone screen and around you so that you can walk and capture them. While you’re on the go, which is why it is called Pokemon Go, more and different Pokemons appear depending on your location and your time.


PokemonGo is a game-changer on the app development and market scene. It’s something new yet nostalgic. Since Pokemon’s introduction and launch in the 90s, the franchise has really gone a long, long way. From the cartoon series to the handheld games and now to the mobile apps in PokemonGo, it can be told that Pokemon is one of the most successful in gaming history. Its great attempt of giving fans what they always wanted of catching the pocket monsters themselves in the seemingly real world where they can become the trainers and enter the virtual world where the creatures are is truly remarkable.

But that’s not all. Fans from all over the world can expect more to come and this game version is still in its early stages. With more developments and innovations eventually, there is more to expect, but let’s see and stay tuned on what will happen next. For sure, it’s going to be an exciting ride for all Pokemon trainers out there.

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