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Make Your Business a More Attractive Prospect

Business owners face a lot of work to make their startups successful. One of the best ways of building success is by attracting more customers. This is easier said than done because the competition is so fierce. So you need to come up with ways to make people attracted to your business.

There are many techniques you can use to make your business more attractive. It’s important to do this as much you possibly can. And you need to think outside the box sometimes as well. It’s not just about what you offer, but the way you conduct your business as well.

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Role of Digital Marketing for Startups in 2016

Most of the Start-ups operate very small budgets where the cost of marketing the brand is a big hurdle. The message you try to get across can be easily lost among thousands of other messages that customers are flooded with. The best way to advertise your existence is to use digital marketing for startups. But hiring the services of a digital marketing firm may be out of the question for your shoe string budget. The following points can be used to make yourself more visible to customers and can raise the interests of customers in the products you want to sell.
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Entrepreneurship Events

Pull Off The Perfect Business Event With These 5 Easy Steps

There’s no denying that one of the best ways to exchange ideas about something is to set up an event. They also offer excellent opportunities for people to network with one another.

Are you thinking of setting up a business event soon? If so, and you’ve never done that before, you might be feeling somewhat anxious right now! But, don’t worry because you’ve come to the right place.

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Improve Your Professional Image with These Tips

Professional people need to have a professional image. The way you present yourself to others plays a significant part in how seriously they take you. You have to ask to be respected and trusted by presenting yourself as someone who should be. The way that you look, act and speak can all affect how others see you. And a professional image is more likely to draw the attention of all the right people. You want to gain a reputation for the right reasons, and not for being rude or unprofessional. If you need to improve your image in the business world, you should concentrate on the techniques below.

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Entrepreneurs Take Note: People Are Essential To Your Fledgling Business

As an entrepreneur myself, I know what it is like to want to do something alone. It is not that we don’t trust anyone else, it is just that we trust ourselves more!

The problem with shouldering all the responsibility is that it can become too much. Before we realize it, the whole business is balancing unsteadily balancing on our shoulders and is at risk of falling. Sometimes, we have to admit that we need help for the good of ourselves but also for the good of our business.

Here are a couple of people that I think every entrepreneur should turn to get their business off the ground.

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7 habits of highly effective Entrepreneurs

Apparently highly successful people have exactly seven habits according to Stephen R. Covey … This number may have been achieved through mathematical/astrological calculations or the whims of the author but it makes for an interesting list… Many have come up with their own list of 7 habits for success so I thought we should give it a go too with the focus squarely on entrepreneurs…

Get involved– Standing on the sidelines does not befit an entrepreneur. Involvement in not just your own business but also the segment you are in will be beneficial. Sitting in your own office and hoping people will seek you out is just wrong. Go to conferences, meet people socialize, and who knows you might just find inspiration or the next best thing a mentor… Come to events like Sociopreneurship 2010 to learn more J

Prioritize– Learn to attack your work from a priority point of view. Some things are more necessary than others. Often the curse of success is that you have no idea where to focus because you have so many projects going at the same time. Sit down with your team, find out what needs immediate attention, and get cracking. First priorities first will get you though a mountain of work in a jiffy…

Delegate – For an entrepreneur to handing out responsibilities may seem a very natural thing to do but most of our ilk refuses to give up the reins. The other extreme of no involvement is the perfectionist who tries to do everything… Learn to place trust in people, choose a team that inspires trust and is worthy of it. Delegate responsibilities and free up time for yourself to focus on the matters you are good at. You cannot possible be an expert at everything so DELEGATE…

Inspire– An entrepreneur is the ring master of the circus that is their start up. You have to be the one who gets everyone fired up when the going gets tough. Remember everyone looks to you for leadership so learn to be inspiring. Get to work before others, be the change that you want to see in your employees, set examples and push people to be the best they can be.

Read between the lines– Learning to understand what is not being said is an important quality for an entrepreneur to have. Imagine of you could tell which employee is disgruntled just by reading their body language or tone. Would it not be great if you could gauge the reactions of investors just by glancing at their expressions?  Deciphering Body language may not be for everyone but if you stay approachable then people will open up to you be they employees or prospective investors.

Hiring talent– Someone once told me that great idea with a mediocre team will fail but a mediocre idea with a great team will inevitably succeed. The reasons are simple your idea is not a stagnant entity but grows with the inputs that are made to it. The better the caliber of the people who are making the inputs the better the end product will become…Hire smart responsible people, run background checks keep a close eye on your hires and that should do the trick.

Share success- An entrepreneur is only as good as the team that backs them up. Share the limelight with them whenever possible, make your team feel wanted and not as if they are slaving away for you for just a paycheck in a 9 to5. If they believe in your vision give them assurances that they are a part of it. Sharing profits is great but sharing the limelight too is even better.

Here’s an infographic by Funders and Founders on “10 signs of a likeable entrepreneur”


At Last,

Dear Reader, I hope this list of 7 Habits of effective Entrepreneurs helps you out a bit. I am sure I have missed out on many more, limited as I am by the numerical aspect of this article. Feel free to let us know which ones we missed…


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