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7 Instagram Moves that Bring You More Followers

When we talk about social media the popularity one gains there is incredible. No amount of force can stop your page from being famous as there is always audience that admires your work. If you own a business and are willing to build your brand and increase your audience then Instagram is a social media platform that can truly help you build that brand.

You need understand the brand and know the basic promotion and advertisement tricks to create a worthy presence on Instagram. Know these top moves that can act as a marketing tool to make your site not just social but brand-able too.

  1. Produce Unique Visuals

Instagram is all about photos and images and people loving them. Making your Instagram posts attractive and great should your major focus. 93% of buyers around the world buy the product due to the amazing visuals on the post whereas 85% of buyers bought because the post has vibrant colors on it. If you do not have a design team then you can design the posts yourself using Canva, VSCO and Afterlight.

  1. Be Updated About the New Instagram Trends

Instagram changes constantly and a person who uses it needs to keep pace with the new trends, updates and the features that come along with it. Keeping track of the updates is necessary for you to keep up with the customers as well. The updates appeared on Instagram are:

  • New branding and logo
  • Explore feature on desktop
  • Create new account on desktop
  • Switch between multiple accounts
  • 60-second videos and video ads
  • New time stamp
  • Algorithm announced
  • Two-step authentication
  1. Post What Your Audience Loves

Learn well what your audience wants and make a balance between the promotions you make and what the audience wants. Make the content inspiring enough for the audience to participate in it too. Engage the Instagram followers into something exciting that makes them come back to your profile. Acknowledge people and create user-generated content. Create posts that have got questions in them and try to interact with people by adding in locations to them.

  1. Post Daily in Peak Hours

Find the best times when more followers are active and post then to get maximum traffic. Usually on Mondays and Thursdays more followers are active between 3 to 4pm.

  1. Share Stories

Instagram and its unique features provide you a chance to share stories through visuals. You can either create videos or engaging posts. Use your marketing techniques, be genuine, promote your brand, showcase the versatility of the brand, put in all the details and make sure you are getting plenty attention and excitement from the audience.

  1. Get Noticed

Waiting for people to follow you might not get you the desired amount of following. You need to look for avenues that can help promote your brand on Instagram and get noticed. In order to do this, you can make use of the exploring features, tag people, use hashtags and add in geo locations.

  1. Don’t Forget the Instagram Analytics

You need to know that when you are among competitors, the social media strategies benefit you. The analytics of Instagram can show you what needs more improvement and where the work is going at its best.

To know more about these seven moves here is an infographic that tells all for you.


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