5 Ways Your Office Space Can Market Your Business

Always wanted offices, but have never gotten around to leasing them for your business? It doesn’t matter, though, because office space isn’t important in the digital era of business, right? Most people think that offices are not important, yet the truth is they play a big part in your success. How? Well, for one thing they are brilliant at marketing your business. Seriously, offices can achieve what you have been trying to achieve since you started – they can raise awareness of your brand. If you are a non-believer, here’s how offices can make it happen.


Out In The Open

The right offices are a huge sign that says ‘look at me’! They are usually in an area that is built up and that gets a lot of traffic. The people that pass by cannot fail to see your offices and your business as a direct result of your offices. Even if they don’t make any attempt to use your services, they are still aware of your brand and what you have to offer. In the future, that might be the difference between them choosing your company and not your competitors. And, if one person does it, there are bound to be plenty more willing to convert.


Businesses with office space are reputable. Offices are a sign that you are wealthy and successful. Why? For one thing, if you have offices you also have employees. The bigger the offices, the more employees you have, which is a great sign. Plus, office space does not come cheap. If you can afford it, you are obviously doing well as a business. All this runs through the customers and clients’ minds when they are looking into your firm. For the best reputation, you want prime real estate in a big city. Offices in Oxford Street, London, for example, are inhabited by some of the biggest companies in the world and say a lot without saying a word. To find the best option, visit Kent Space.


A clever company will utilise their logo on the office building, providing they have a logo. If you don’t have one, consider investing in a logo. Once you have it, you can use to promote your business without creating a marketing strategy. Your logo is your calling card and instantly links your business with a certain product or service. If you have business premises, you can incorporate your logo into the building, so everyone in town can see.

Catches The Eye

There are going to be people who don’t know, and who don’t want to know about your business. That is fine because you can’t please everyone. Normally, you wouldn’t want to waste your time anyway. However, with office space you are not wasting your time. Your logo and your brand are there for all to see, which makes your company more visible to the people who wouldn’t notice it otherwise. The more people you can add who aren’t in your customer base, the better.

Employee Happiness

The most useful marketing tool is your employees. As long as they are happy, they will say good things about you outside of work. When employees have bad things to say about their employers, it damages you’re their reputation.

The last thing you want is a member of your team badmouthing you in public.

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