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5 Fantastic Tips To Choose Your Next Design Agency

One of the keys to success in the marketing industry is to outsource your needs to a professional. Whether you like it or not, the majority of agencies on the market are both cheaper and better at their job. Let’s face it, they are experts.

The problem is not choosing to hire an agency, but which agency to hire. Web design has become so important over the past couple of years, and there is a huge amount of choice. To make sure you get it right, you need to take a look at the following.


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Their Track Record

A reputation isn’t everything as the saying goes, but a track record is. You need to place a lot of emphasis on an agency’s record of results because it will help you predict the future. If they have a record of not delivering on their promises, the odds are they won’t be any good. But, they will be able to make a difference to your company if the opposite is true. Start by looking at the sites they have designed, and finish by asking their clients for their opinions.

How Big Is The Team?

Although size isn’t everything either, it does make a difference. A design agency, from your point of view, needs more people so that they can look after their clients. If they are only one or two people strong, they won’t be able to split their time between their clients. As a result, you won’t get the best possible customer service for your firm. For those of you that do like a small agency, make sure they only have a handful of customers.



No one wants to be an annoying client, but your business’s interests have to come first. And, the agency you choose has to be able to respond when the time is right. For example, if you need something at three o’clock in the morning, you need to pick an agency that can provide you with this service. If their availability doesn’t match yours, the two parties will be out of sync. The last thing that makes a partnership successful is a lack of teamwork.

What Are Their Terms And Conditions?

The two things that you may not consider are the agency’s terms and conditions. Even though they are the one trying to secure your business, they will have terms and conditions that you must comply with. That is fine for the most part. However, it can be an issue if you don’t agree with the T&Cs. Please ensure that what you agree to on paper is exactly what you want and need. Otherwise, what is the point of hiring them in the first place?

Do They Outsource Their Work?

If the answer is yes, hold off on an agreement. Why? You should hold off because you want the people who you dealt with to take care of your account. Just because they outsource their work doesn’t mean you should discard them. But, it does mean that you should meet with the people they outsource to first.
Other things to look out for are: skill levels; experience; and friendly staff.

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