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SEO Basics To Challenge Google's New Future Algorithms in 2015

There are right now millions and millions of Personal Computers operating online and the numbers are growing hugely by the minute. But there are already many more mobile devices in use with Internet searching capability than there are PCs operating online. And Google knows this fact and therefore will take steps to give users a much better online searching experience.

One way the best search engine in the planet can do this is by creating icons to aid users in knowing what Google lists next to the searchers’ results. This could be an unfriendly icon, for instance, when the search engines generate mobile errors for user’s searches online. If they go this way, webmasters would be wise to make sure sites can be seen correctly and fast in mobiles, without any problems.

What is applicable to PCs and websites in general, can apply to mobile devices use as regards to searches online. Most of the new themes for sites out there on the web, are already mobile friendly which is what Google likes. And most probably the giant search engine, will take an aggressive stance to capture the huge number of mobile users coming online with their voice searches as well.

Google already have their Voice Search system in place which allows users to talk to their mobile phone or laptop/computer asking for a particular kind of information. This system is going to increase in the number of users that are coming online with mobile phones. The languages allowed so far are not many although it is reasonable to assume one day almost every major language will be used to voice searches online.

With this new system (well, not so new since it was introduced about 3 years ago), no doubt, will come new advances in voice recognition technology. And new advances in Google Search apps for mobile phones will be introduced as well. No doubt, speaking our queries into Google is something that will grow a lot in 2015 and the giant search engine is well prepared, already taking massive action.

Must we continue to optimize in everyday search targeting single keywords or double keyword phrases or will it be better targeting long tail keyword phrases? Where and how will the best targeted traffic be achieved for our sites? Up until now the longer tail keyword phrases were giving the most effective targeted traffic so, it looks like this will continue throughout 2015 and beyond€¦

Now there is the question of automation to simplify almost everything including getting social signals of approval for back links Google trust; yeah, the search engine giant is giving great importance to the social approval of signals that the major social sites register, that is why it came with their Google+ social part to join the other giants FB and Twitter. This is very important right now for Google and in will continue to be so also through 2015.

Most of what is mentioned above, really is the continuation of good SEO basics that we need to keep using. The great search engine still trusts and likes natural back links when they are relevant and diverse so users need not fear its future algorithms. Common sense, relevancy and good content plus good SEO basics will call the tune for 2015 as well.

And there is no harm in being practical, in minimizing SEO strategies and hard work, to a level that is affordable using automation even when possible.

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